Gail DeWitt
Debbie Galletti
Fran Haasch, Attorney at Law
Ron Hernden, CPA
Don Honeycutt
Rick James, Sr.
Robert Larsen
518 36th Street West
Palmetto FL  34221
FEIN Registered 501(3)(c) 90-0444721
Florida Registered Charity No. CH31990 
If you would like volunteer your time or contact our Board Members, please email us at:

Chairman of Volunteer Committee: Gail DeWitt
Vice Chairman: OPEN
Secretary: OPEN
Riders Club Liaison: OPEN
Public Relations: OPEN
Treasurer: Ron Hernden, CPA
Office Manager: Viki Pravdica
Reps Liaison: OPEN
Internet Officer: OPEN
Arbitrator: OPEN
Webmaster: Kelly Zimmer
Adaption Advisor: Don Honeycutt
Sponsorship Administrator: OPEN
Grant Writer: OPEN
Fundraising: OPEN
Public Relations: OPEN
Membership: OPEN
Research: Don Honeycutt
National Liaison Coordinator: OPEN
Representative for each U.S. State: OPEN
American National Association for Bikers with a Disability




The ANABD (American National Association for Bikers with a Disability) was set up in the United States in January 2009 by one woman who has dedicated her retired life to helping disabled bikers get back on the road. The idea that disabled people cannot ride motorcycles, scooters or trikes is unacceptable.

Initially, the disabled biker community resulted from bad accidents or our soldiers who are, or have been, wounded in combat and are returning to think they can no longer ride. Birth defects and debilitating illness also contribute to this scenario. As baby boomers start getting older, there are more and more people who feel the need for some kind of adaption to their motorcycles to continue to ride. Often a trike kit is the answer for those people who have had ankle, knee, hip replacements or amputations. This type of adaption also works well to stabilize the bike if the rider can't hold up the bike without fear of dropping it. The demand for these adaptions continues to rise as do the costs to pay for these adaptions.

After much research, we found the United Kingdom based NABD (National Association for Bikes with a Disability). The dream to start a charity, to help out disabled bikers, became a viable option. The membership of the NABD in the UK has now grown to a staggering 5,000+ individual members with the support of over 200 affiliated clubs and businesses. Over the past 15+ years, the NABD has directly helped over seven thousand disabled people enjoy the freedom and independence of motorcycling. The NABD has been instrumental in similar groups setting up in Norway, Sweden, France, Japan and now the United States.

Unlike may registered charities, the ANABD has no need to spend large amounts on wages and plush office accommodations. Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc. and DMR Trikes, Inc. in Palmetto, Florida have volunteered to supply an office space and the Office Manager will split her time to work as needed. We expect to have only up to 3 paid employees. All of the other people working for the ANABD are volunteers, as is the Chairman. Almost all donations from individuals, clubs or companies will be used, 90-100% for the benefit of, and service for, disabled riders (the administration costs of the association should be met from other sources) and we are looking into charity foundations as a source to meet these needs.

Our contributors need not be disabled; we welcome the support of anyone interested in biking. We are also looking for state volunteer coordinators to serve as liaison to the national state coordinator. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.


The ANABD operates a system of financial grants to help with the cost of special adaption work to bikes, scooters, ATV's and trikes, necessary to suit the needs of disabled riders who already have their own vehicle.

These grants range from $50 to $4000 dependant on the type of machine and the particular requirements of the rider.
Financial grants for our first fiscal year will depend on you!
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